LVN: Phototherapy

Course Information

This course will explain the history, use and delivery of phototherapy for the nurse.   Type of light and therapies will be covered as well as the conditions that are receptive to phototherapy such as skin conditions, jaundice in newborns and SAD.  

This course has been approved for 2 Continuing Education Hours by the  California Board of Vocational Nurisng.


  1. Explain the uses of phototherapy
  2. Describe the conditions that may improve with phototherapy
  3. Identify the precautions necessary for safe phototherapy

Course Instructor

Health CEU Academy Author

Maryrose Espil, RN, MSN has more than 25 years experience in the health care field. She started training as a nursing assistant as a teen and has worked as a CNA, Certified Home Health Aide, Licensed Vocational Nurse and Registered Nurse in various health care settings. She received her Master’s Degree in Nursing Education from Excelsior College in 2012. She enjoys teaching and developing curriculum while working as a registered nurse in direct patient care. There are no relevant financial relationships with any product manufacturer or service provider mentioned.


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